About Cembio

Cembio is a bio-enzyme based cement admixture which works on the principle of bio-mineralization. It enables formation of nano silica from silicate substrates. Cembio forms hard thermostable crystalline composite of calcite and calcium aluminium silicate. This hard thermostable composite material not only increases the strength but also enhances numerous properties of the cementitious/concrete mix.

Why Cembio?

Increased Strength

It increases the compressive strength and bonding strength of the concrete.

Save More

Extremely cost-effective as the cement percentage in the cementitious/concrete mix can be replaced with cheaper material and still provide superior results

Self Healing

It provides self-healing properties and fills up cracks.

Recycled Concrete

Concrete can be recycled by adding Cembio.

enhanced sulfate/acid resistance

It enhances sulphate and acid resistance.

Improved weatherability

Cembio improves the weatherability of the mix and ensures better resistance in adverse climates.

Removed permeability

Cembio reduces the chloride permeability of the mix.


Withstands high temperature.


Cembio is completely eco-friendly . Moreover, the reduction in cement ensures reduced carbon footprints.

reduce water premeability

Reduces capillary action inside cementitious/concrete mix.

Application Areas

  • In concrete, mortar and other concrete products, such as paver blocks, solid blocks, concrete pipes, to increase durability and quality.
  • In plaster mortar, masonry mortar as a damp proof material.
  • In industrial flooring to ensure crack free smooth surfaces.
  • In water retaining structures such underground sumps, overhead tanks, retaining walls, bunds and dams to prevent water leakages.
  • In retrofitting damaged walls and concrete surfaces to bring back the aesthetics.